Environmental Preservation Activities

Dynic’s Basic Environmental Policy

Basic Environmental Policy

Dynic Corporation recognizes that efforts to ensure environmental preservation are an important business challenge and believes that it is our responsibility as a manufacturer to observe all applicable environmental laws and regulations at home and abroad and offer products with a lower environmental burden. To implement this concept in a specific manner, we are committed to thoroughly promoting the following principles in each stage including development, material procurement, manufacturing, sales, distribution and disposal:

(1) We are committed to reducing environmental burden in all stages of our business activities throughout the life cycle of our products.
(2) We are committed to making proactive efforts to save energy and reduce waste, thereby preventing environmental contamination.
(3) We are committed to preventing the risk of harmful chemical substances damaging the environment.
(4) We are committed to disclosing information regarding our business activities related to the environment and proactively promoting environmental preservation activities in concert with local communities; and
(5) We are committed to implementing education and training related to environmental preservation to improve awareness of the environment.

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Our Efforts to Reduce Environmental Burden

In the design stage of our products, we focus not only on the use of materials that reduce environmental burden and are easy to recycle, but also on the development of manufacturing methods that can reduce the energy burden and product designs that can contribute to energy saving and longer service life.
In the manufacturing stage, we make efforts to reduce environmental burden by saving energy and reducing waste in our daily manufacturing activities.
In our sales and marketing activities, we make efforts to contribute to the preservation of the global environment by offering customers our environmentally-friendly products that can help them reduce environmental burden through their use.

Our Efforts to Address Global Warming and Preserve Biodiversity

We are actively engaged in addressing global warming by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions through our group-wide efforts to conserve energy. We make efforts to support the preservation of biodiversity by addressing risks such as global warming in a bid to ensure that we can harmoniously coexist with the global environment.

External Certifications

ISO 14001 Certification    Shiga,Saitama Factories

History of Dynic’ s Activities to Prevent Pollution and Preserve the Environment

1972 Nic Environment Service Co., Ltd. was established to provide technical information services concerning the measurement, analysis and prevention of pollution.
1974 Kyoto Industrial Services Co., Ltd. (currently Kyoto Environmental Preservation Public Corporation) was established jointly by manufacturers in the Kyoto area. Mr. Sanjiro Sakabe, then President of Dynic Corporation, concurrently served as President of the company and actively participated in the management of the company.
1978 The construction of the Shiga factory, with a focus on environmental preservation, was completed.
1987 The Astropark Observatory was opened within the Shiga factory premises with the aim of contributing to the local community and creating harmony between man and nature.
1989 Dynic Factory Service Co., Ltd. was established to process waste from factories and promote recycling activities.
1991 A large-scale dry distillation-type incinerator was installed at the Saitama factory and thermal recycling commenced. Concurrently Dynic applied for the license of an intermediate waste processor and obtained the license in 1993.
1994 Dynic established its basic environmental policy and the Environmental Grand Prize System.
2005 The Observatory was awarded a commendation for its contribution to the conservation of the atmospheric environment.
2010 The Environment Promotion Office was newly established to promote efforts to preserve the environment and control chemical substances.
Dynic was designated as one of the companies which were eligible for loans under Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation’s Environmentally Responsible Company Support Fund.
Dynic was awarded the Environment Minister’s Prize (in an individual category) at the 22nd National Conference of Towns under Starry Skies and Towns under Blue Skies.
2011 The Observatory was introduced as an environmental observatory at the 23rd National Conference of Towns under Starry Skies and Towns under Blue Skies held at Taga-cho, Shiga Prefecture.
Princess Takamado paid a visit to the Observatory.