Introduction of Factories

Shiga Factory

Shiga FactoryShiga Plant is located in a beautifully natural setting, but is an ultra-modern factory equipped with highly advanced production facilities under the principles of saving energy and producing no pollution. The factory puts a great deal of effort into environmental safety such as purification of the water in Lake Biwa and reduction of industrial wastes.

Location 270 Oaza Taga, Taga-cho,Inugami-gun, Shiga Pref.,522-0341, Japan
Start of Operation 1978
Total Ground Area 334,534㎡
Building Area 34,264㎡
Main Products Book binding cloth, wallpaper, woven interlining, care labels for clothing, printing materials for full color inkjet, moisture getter for organic EL, sound absorption material for the floor

ISO 9001/14001
Certifications acquired in 1997

Saitama Factory

Saitama FactoryTokyo Factory transferred its production capabilities to Fukaya Factory, which was completed in 1964. After consolidating with Fukaya Factory in 1996, Saitama Factory became the east center of production for Dynic. Saitama Factory, comprised of 6 production centers, generates products covering a broad number of fields from value-added hi-tech products to mass produced products which make up the backbone of the industry, utilizing exceedingly high level composite technology and the most modern FA (Factory Automation) line.

Location 500 Uchigashima, Fukaya-shi, Saitama Pref., 366-0831, Japan
Start of Operation 1964
Total Ground Area 132,815㎡
Building Area 55,650㎡
Main Products Carpet, vinyl cloth, nonwoven fabric, synthetic leather, tarpaulin, cloth for stationery paper goods, inked ribbons, and fine films

ISO 9001/14001 Certifications acquired in 1998

Oji Factory

Oji FactoryThe Oji Factory is responsible for the production of aluminum-foil material for lid and coating paper. Since introducing the "Lectraseal" from the U.K. in 1968, we have enjoyed a substantial share of the market for aluminum-foil material for lid. Designed for high-frequency induction heating to bond materials onto containers, the "Lectraseal" is an innovative process for sealing material for lid onto processed food containers that contributes greatly to maintaining product quality for customers.
In the field of coating paper and films, we are meeting ever-diverse customer needs by making the most of our wealth of know-how and state-of-the-art large-size coating machines.Our diverserange of the most advanced processing technologies allows us to constantly meet the challenge of the "next".

Location 5-4-44, Ukima, Kita-ku, Tokyo 115-0051, Japan
Start of Operation 1937
Total Ground Area 15,888㎡
Building Area 11,428㎡
Main Products Aluminum-foil material for lid and coating paper

ISO 9001 Certification acquired in 2003(coating paper)
FSSC 22000 Certification acquired in 2016(aluminum-foil materiarl)

Fuji Factory

Fuji FactoryOperating under a clean environment and the strictest quality control, the Fuji Factory is engaged in the production of paper-tube containers for food, and paper tubes for industrial materials and the like. Our ongoing pursuit of environment-friendly materials encourages us to take up the challenge of the "next."

Location 1-2, Nishimachi, Utogawa, Fuji City, Shizuoka Pref., 417-0854, Japan
Start of Operation 1943
Total Ground Area 5,473㎡
Building Area 3,992㎡
Main Products Paper tubes and paper-tube containers for food and industrial use

Moka Factory

Moka FactoryResponding to rapidly diversifying needs for aluminum-foil and other lid materials, the Moka Factory was quick to create composite lid materials by taking advantage of its technological strength in the field of aluminum-foil processing. This has resulted in our soft-packaging materials for processed food and industrial uses winning the unflagging trust of our customers. We are determined to continually meet the challenge of the "next" by making the most of our wealth of proprietary technologies.

Location 16, Matsuyamacho, Moka City, Tochigi Pref., 321-4346, Japan
Start of Operation 1970
Total Ground Area 18,534㎡
Building Area 6,278㎡
Main Products Aluminum-foil/film lid materials and soft-packaging materials

FSSC 22000 Certification acquired in 2018