Policy on Sustainability Initiatives

Policy on Sustainability Initiatives

In order to fulfill our responsibility to society, our corporate group has prescribed a “Basic CSR Policy” and formulated an Action Plan for addressing issues such as “legal compliance”, “environmental protection”, and “responsibility to customers”. With regard to initiatives related to environmental protection—which we recognize as an important issue for management—we have also formulated a “Basic Environmental Plan”, and the status of our environmental activities are made public in our annual “Environmental Report”. Our aim is to further advance our existing efforts and be a company capable of contributing to the construction of a sustainable society. We recognize the next item in particular as an important issue and are undertraining measures to address it.

(1) Climate change measures
In the past, we have steadily undertaken measures to reduce greenhouse gasses (GHGs) as well as reduce and recycle waste. With regard to reducing GHGs, we are endeavoring to achieve carbon neutral status by 2050, acting in line with concrete government measures.

(2) Aiming to be an “Even-easier-to-work-for” and “Even-more-rewarding-to-work-for” company
We have endeavored to create a workplace environment and corporate climate that enable our diverse human resources to balance work and private life, demonstrating their maximum abilities. In particular, in order to promote women’s participation, we are aiming to increase the ratio of female employees, encourage the appointment of women to managerial positions, and raise the ratio of women in managerial posts to above the manufacturing industry average.

(3) Use and development of our company’s intellectual property
Our company is currently using just under 90% of the patents that we own as of now—a high utilization rate. We perceive product development capable of contributing to a social sustainability as a business opportunity and have made this theme a focal point.

Hidenobu YamadaPresident and Representative DirectorDynic Corporation