Basic CSR policy

Basic CSR policy

DYNIC CORPORATION has adopted a basic philosophy of “Technological superiority; harmony among people” and a basic management policy of “For The Customer”, and has also issued a “Declaration of Compliance” for fulfilling our social responsibilities. Based on the “Declaration of Compliance”, our Action Plan includes the so-called “Seven Core Subjects of CSR (*)”, but especially sets down stipulations regarding the following three focal items and clarifies our company’s CSR initiatives with the aim of realizing a sustainable world through cooperation with our supply chain and society.

(1) Promoting legal compliance and honing compliance sensitivity
We shall respect human rights, create a healthy workplace that gives consideration to occupational safety and health, eliminate antisocial forces (organized crime), undertake planning and development that give consideration to intellectual property rights, and otherwise carry out business activities fairly, as well as endeavor to dialogue with stakeholders.

(2) Carrying out business activities that give consideration to biodiversity conservation and climate change, contributing to the construction of a recycling society
In compliance with the Basic Environmental Policy, we are carrying out procurement and other business activities giving consideration to biodiversity in addition to our energy-saving and resource-saving initiatives.
Design concepts that give consideration to the environment, such as prioritizing use of easy-to-recycle raw materials, are being incorporated into product planning.

(3) Responsibility to customers and consumers
In compliance with the “Basic Product Quality Policy”, we provide products, services, safety, and health through product quality that consistently meets customers’ requirements.

*Seven Core Subjects of CSR: Organizational governance; Human rights; Labour practices; The environment; Fair operating practices; Consumer issues (responsibility towards customers); and Community involvement and development (Source: ISO26000 Social Responsibility Guidelines)

Hidenobu YamadaPresident and Representative DirectorDynic Corporation